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Clinton Township, GA.  Police are continuing their investigation into a string of thefts of trailers, construction and cleaning equipment.  The most recent theft was of $10,000 worth of cleaning materials and a cargo trailer.  This comes nearly a month after about $40,000 in construction equipment was stolen from two work sites near Millar and Garfield.  Stolen items included tools and saws.

Investigators have found a pattern of selected tools and the method of break-in, suggesting a ring or multiple rings of activity.  The burglars are going after four general targets:
  • Construction vehicles and trailers set up at commercial sites.
  • Contractor trailers parked at motels and businesses.
  • Residential construction trailers at job sites.
  • Landscape trailers parked on job sites.

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Requirement:  2 or 2 5/16 inch Bulldog hitch