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Big Red LOCK Company

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The KEY to trailer protection depends on a good LOCK
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Features and Benefits:
  • Heavy steel construction cannot be cut by hand.

  • Locking pin sits covered and recessed, making it impossible to break.

  • Peace of mind knowing you have a super theft deterrent on your trailer.

  • Lower insurance premiums. (Check with your agent or carrier.)

  • Locks can be keyed alike for a small fee.

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Note: Brochure and Flyer have old address on them
Please note updated address and phone below


Contact: Ken Marley

Big Red Lock

Ken Marley
4000 Cemetery Road, Lot #30
Noble, OK  73068
Phone:  405.740.4264

Requirement:  2 or 2 5/16 inch Bulldog hitch

We appreciate your interest.  Just a reminder:  Our lock fits Bulldog brand hitches.   See hitch photos here.

If you have a different hitch brand than these and want to know if our lock will fit your hitch, please call us before ordering.